Is a sports massage painful?

Is a sports massage painful?

Can a sports massage be painful?

We often get people in clinic saying they have never had a sports massage because they believe they are painful. This is generally not the case and you are always in control of the pressure the therapist uses.

Yes, a sports massage can sometimes involve deep tissue work and targeted manipulation of muscles, which may cause discomfort or mild pain during the session. However, the level of pain experienced can vary depending on your individual tolerance and the techniques used by the massage therapist. It’s important to communicate your comfort level with the therapist to ensure they adjust the pressure accordingly.

Some sports massage therapists like to promote the “deeper the sports massage the better” or “no pain no gain” approach. We do not necessarily agree with this as every individual is different. Some people work well with a deep tissue massage, yet with others it can actually be unsuitable and harmful. With a sports massage here at Correct Osteo Clinic usually being 60 minutes, we don’t often feel the need to use this approach as there is plenty of time to work on all areas properly.

Injuries occur frequently in active individuals, from sports enthusiasts to gym goers. Here, the expertise of sports massage therapists, who are proficient in various massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, can aid in faster injury rehabilitation.

Sports massage therapy at our Colchester clinic transcends the conventional. We see each session as an opportunity to apply our advanced manual therapy skills, identify potential injuries, craft customised treatment plans, and create tailored rehabilitation programs. We believe in the power of proactive measures to keep you productive and successful. Our wide array of services includes advanced manual therapy skills, in-depth injury assessment, and comprehensive treatment plans.

So in short is a sports massage painful? Not if you do not want it to be! A good therapist always listens to their client.

Remember, the goal of sports massage is to promote healing, reduce muscle tension, and improve performance, so any discomfort should be temporary and beneficial in the long run.

Book your sports massage here and see the benefits it can bring!

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