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Allergy Testing

Here at Correct Osteo Clinic, we believe in providing you with a variety of ways to achieve and maintain optimum health. Blood testing, food intolerance tests and health checks are a great way of getting a clearer view of how your body is functioning, and any areas that may need improvement.

It may alert you to any changes that are happening that need focus, adjustments that you need to make to your diet and lifestyle, or things to be aware of before starting or intensifying a workout program. It will help you understand your body better, reinforce good behaviours, whilst also informing you of any potential issues.

Blood Testing

We offer a range of blood tests. Well Man and Woman tests are our most comprehensive wellbeing profiles which enable you to get a great sense of health markers. You will receive a doctor written report and a full breakdown of all areas tested.

We offer more specific tests such as Thyroid profile check (this gives you a full understanding of how your thyroid is functioning) Prostate Specific Antigen tests (helps you to recognise and understand your prostate cancer risk) and Vitamin B12 Blood Test (to get an understanding of your Vitamin B12 levels).

Our Sports Fitness Premium Blood Test checks all the biomarkers that would be of interest to a sports person, which can be hugely beneficial to someone starting a new program, or to monitor progress. This looks at full blood count, vitamin and hormone levels, kidney and liver function and more. We also do a General Health Blood Test to check kidney and liver function, muscle and bone health and much more

Food Allergies

Food intolerance tests are a great way of identifying certain foods that may be causing you discomfort after eating and effecting your health these can be done in many ways including Patch tests with a small amount of the product, skin prick testing or blood tests. You can then reduce the intake of specific foods, and gradually reintroduce them again in small quantities. This allows you to identify how much you can eat without causing symptoms or severe allergic reactions in the future.

Similarly the allergy test checks against 17 environmental allergens (looking at IgE markers) to help you ascertain unknown allergies. , like grass, trees, cat and dog dander and dust mites to name a few.

Our Muhdo Saliva DNA test helps you understand any genetic risk factors that you may have. Although your genetic makeup does not change over time, epigenetics controls how your genes behave and therefore your lifestyle can affect that. Understanding your DNA profile will give you an insight into what you can do to improve your everyday life and be the healthiest version of you.

Our Vitamin B12 injections are one of our most popular treatments, used to boost energy levels, improve general mood, and sleep quality.

We also offer a full health assessment. This is a great, noninvasive way to gain an understanding of your physiological wellbeing and general overview of your existing health.  If you are interested in any of our allergy testing services click here to book an appointment with our team.

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