Health Advice for Desk-Based Jobs

Health Advice for Desk-Based Jobs



Stretch or move in place.

Got some spare time? Of course you have, you’re reading this! Touch your toes, walk or march in place for a few minutes, do a good set of jumping jacks, who cares what you look like?! You can even box squat on and off your chair while I am annoyingly nagging you to move throughout this whole article.

Here is a video that you can stretch alongside when you need to.


2 reviews for Health Advice for Desk-Based Jobs

  1. Matthew Marven (verified owner)

    Really useful for me and my team. We all suffer with little aches and pains and Dan’s video really helped with those issues.

  2. Rachel

    Working in a bank we have a few home workers currently. We also have alot of staff who have desk based jobs. You can’t find all the information on google, or even when you can who knows whats correct and whats not. This video and content was great, my team found it very useful and i have already had feedback saying how much its helped them. I would definately recommend for anyone or and company that wants to improve and help the health and wellbeing of their teams.

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