Steve Stephen

Sports Massage Therapist

“Having worked in the accounts industry since the age of 21, with no real enthusiasm for the job, I realised my love for health and fitness should be channelled toward a change in career.

I initially took the initiative to educate myself as a personal trainer, but it wasn’t until I had treatments from a Sports massage therapist that I recognised my true passion was to learn more about how the human body works and how to treat and condition it.

After studying at London School of Sports Massage in my spare time, I started working as a therapist in the evenings. A year later, I took the leap into a new career and started to work at David Lloyd as a Personal Trainer.

This really helped broaden my knowledge of the human anatomy and further cemented my belief that this was my true vocation in life.

I enjoyed learning how to avoid, manage and overcome injuries; and how correct exercise alongside efficient treatment can ensure people maintain the best overall health possible.

Over the years I have found my sense of purpose working within this field, and my desire to educate myself further so I can provide clients with the best possible care has now led to me working with Correct Osteo Clinic.

Providing me with the next stage in my development, it is a pleasure to work within a business that provides a professional, friendly service whilst detecting, treating and preventing health problems in so many patients.”


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Osteopathy works with the structure and function of the body, and is based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, viscera and connective tissues functioning smoothly together Osteopathy takes a holistic, whole-body approach to healthcare.