What is StretchME?

Here at Correct Osteo Clinic we want to deliver an overall experience.  As well as helping you with your injuries, conditioning and overall well being, we now offer assisted stretching sessions.  StretchME has been created to help you go even further on your health and fitness journey. With our highly trained Practitioners also being Personal trainers we have a wealth of experience in this area. Our mission is for you to understand how to fully look after yourself and understand the importance of stretching as part of your self care routine. Stretching is a huge part of recovery and relief not just after exercise but in general.

So why get us to stretch you?

Generally speaking, the majority of people don’t fully stretch properly. Therefore having someone help you do this will assist your flexibility and range of motion, ultimately leaving you feeling more mobile and relaxed. Having someone do this for you can teach you how to stretch fully and correctly, and why not get someone to do the hard work for you? Our practitioners also have the knowledge and experience to know your full range of motion and when to progress at the right time.

Common Questions

Basically everyone. You don’t have to be a gym enthusiast to gain the benefits from stretching. Some people find this as a method of relaxation and enjoy the feeling after. You could be an office desk worker, a full time mum, or an athlete. Any age, any fitness level, any occupation, you can benefit from stretching. As with any of our treatments we would carry out a consultation to make sure you’re safe and healthy to undergo our treatments.

One of our highly trained practitioners will be providing the treatments and their expertise will be essential in making this as beneficial as possible, as well as enjoyable. All of our practitioners have undergone advanced training in joint articulation and tissue mobilisation.

Pre or Post workout, at the end of a busy week or any time at all. Our assisted stretching is a great way to get you feeling more mobile and relaxed.

We focus on the entirety of the body but specifically focus on:
Hamstrings, Quads, Hip Flexors, Calves, Glutes, Trapezius, Lats, Pecs, Arms, Neck and Back,
As you work with our expert, you will both be able to identify areas that need extra attention enabling you to be at your best.

If you have an area that is concerning you we can pay more attention to that too.

Whatever you feel comfortable in, this could be Shorts and t-shirt, Leggings and a top, basically anything that isn’t going to restrict us stretching you.

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